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God Save America is a new series from That You May Know Him that covers an array of topics dealing with current events, the end times, and Kingdoms; mainly, the Kingdom of God and the Kingdoms of this world. Hosted by Blake and guest-host Rich Ressel, this series aims to lay a biblical foundation for answering the question: "how do Christians contend for our world while staying totally focused on the only Kingdom that truly matters?"

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Beginnings is a series hosted by Blake and Kevin which airs every other Wednesday (alternating with What Must I Do...?) Started in November 2021, this series seeks to highlight the unity of Scripture by studying the Books of Genesis and  Acts congruently (the beginning of creation/history and the beginning of the church). Every couple of episodes Blake and Kevin shift back and forth between Genesis and Acts.

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Watchman is a special edition of the That You May Know Him Podcast that airs every other week on Friday (most of the time). In Watchman, Blake and the gang  walk through a handful of contemporary headlines while providing listeners with a biblical perspective on current events. Their goal is to help believers stay faithful to Jesus amid the turmoil happening in the world.

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Two 4 Ten airs twice per week (usually) and episodes are 10 minutes long (roughly). In this series, we study the Bible one book at a time, one verse at a time. Going verse by verse, each episode covers 2 verses (give or take).  Currently, episodes of Two 4 Ten are focused on  the Book of Revelation.


When: Every Other Friday on the TYMKH Podcast

Who: Featuring Blake Barbera and Rich Ressel

When: Every Other Wednesday on the TYMKH Podcast

Who: Featuring Blake Barbera and Kevin Powell

When: Every Other Friday on the TYMKH Podcast

Who: Featuring Blake Barbera, Carlos Castano, & Kevin Powell

When: Tuesdays and Thursdays on the TYMKH Podcast

Who: Hosted by Blake Barbera

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