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The Crew

Pastor Carlos Castano-Mejia

  • Frequent Contributor, That You May Know Him Podcast

  • Co-Host, What Must I Do To Be Saved?   and Watchman

  • Ordained Pastor

Pastor Carlos was born in Manizales, Colombia, and lived there until his mid-thirties. In 2010, he moved to the United States with his wife and children and spent six years working as a public-school teacher. Upon receiving a call from the Lord to enter full-time ministry, Pastor Carlos attended four years of graduate school at Duke University, where he received his Master’s in Divinity.

Even before going to Divinity School, as a young Christian living in Colombia, Pastor Carlos developed a love for reading the Bible. During his years in divinity school, he found that many theological systems go to great lengths to summarize the Bible’s teachings in ways that emphasize certain parts of Scripture over others. That’s one of the reasons why Pastor Carlos is passionate about staying true to all of Scripture, about teaching the whole Bible, as it is written – not just the parts that people prefer.

Pastor Carlos is also passionate about the Holiness of God, what it means to “work out our salvation,” and about displaying the fruit of the Spirit during his life on this earth. Most of all, Pastor Carlos recognizes his ongoing, daily need for the saving work of Jesus Christ in his life. Carlos is married to his wonderful wife and companion, Lilyana, and together they have two adult children: Manuela and Juan-Pablo.

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Kevin Powell

  • Frequent Contributor, That You May Know Him Podcast

  • Co-Host, Beginnings  and Watchman

  • Ministry Director

Kevin is originally from Dallas, Texas, but resides in Thousand Oaks, California. Before relocating to California, Kevin spent four years in the United States Navy and worked as a contractor for the Department of Defense. During his time in the Navy, Kevin underwent multiple deployments and, because of his time as a sailor and defense contractor, has traveled extensively throughout the world. During a short pause between his military and civilian life, Kevin moved back to Texas but struggled to adjust to everyday life outside of the military. It was then that the Lord began speaking to Kevin’s heart and, in December of 2012, Kevin gave his life to Jesus Christ.

After becoming a Chrisitan, Kevin moved to San Diego in 2013 to work as a military contractor and attend San Diego Christian College, where he ended up meeting his good friend, Blake. Kevin and Blake worked together for several years throughout their schooling in the construction trades. Years later, it is a blessing and a dream come true to work together again producing the That You May Know Him Podcast.

Kevin is married to his beautiful wife, Janine, and together they have three young children. Kevin works for Agoura Bible Fellowship, where he recently completed a ministry internship and is currently working as the Facilities Manager and Adult Ministry Assistant. Kevin loves the outdoors, especially fishing, and looks forward to teaching his young son how to fish one day.

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