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Past Series

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  • Series name: Two 4 Ten - The Book of Revelation

  • Published: August 2021-Currently on Pause

  • Number of Episodes: 26 (Currently)


Two 4 Ten airs twice per week (usually) and episodes are 10 minutes long (roughly). In this series, we study the Bible one book at a time, one verse at a time. Going verse by verse, each episode covers 2 verses (give or take).  Currently, episodes of Two 4 Ten are focused on the Book of Revelation.


To Be Saved (1400 x 1400 px) (400 × 400 px).png
  • Series name: What Must I Do To Be Saved?

  • Published: November 2021-April 2022

  • Number of Episodes: 12 


What Must I Do To Be Saved was a series hosted by Blake and special guest host Pastor Carlos Castano on the topic of soteriology. Blake and Carlos covered an array of biblical passages that deal with the subject of salvation and explored the vast nuances that exist within the Christian understanding and experience of salvation. Also, they spent several episodes looking at church history, and exploring the numerous debates and opinions that have existed throughout the centuries on the subject of soteriology.  Mainly, their objective was to lay a biblical framework for understanding God's love and provision for all people.

The Forgotten Book of Jude.png
  • Series name: The Forgotten Book of Jude

  • Published: September-October 2021

  • Number of Episodes: 5 (including a special episode on the Book of Enoch)


In this series Blake deep-dives into one of the most underappreciated books in the New Testament, the tiny Book of Jude. Not only is Jude theologically and doctrinally rich, but it was also written for a very specific reason - one that is just as relevant for the church today as it was 2,000 years ago. In this series Blake not only works verse-by-verse through the Book, he also spends ample time dealing with the history, reception, and theological issues unearthed by Jude's inspired writing.

Israel and.png
  • Series name: Israel and the Church

  • Published: June-July 2021

  • Number of Episodes: 5


The relationship between Israel and the Church has long been a topic of discussion and debate. Has the Church replaced Israel as God's covenant people? Do the people of Israel still have promises from God requiring future fulfillment? Is there any connection at all between the Church and the Jewish people? In our new series, Israel and the Church, we take the time to thoroughly and concretely answer all of these questions. Not only does Blake give listeners an overview of the history that exists between the Church and the people of Israel, he also exposits verse by verse Romans 9-11, the pinnacle passage in Scripture which addresses these questions..

Family Matters Blue.png
  • Series name: Family Matters

  • Published: April - June 2021

  • Number of Episodes: 8 


In this series, we dive into God's design for the family.  Some of the topics covered in this series include:

  • The Ultimate Calling Of Husbands

  • The Sacred Calling of Women

  • Children and Parents

  • Feminism and the Gospel

The Secrets of the abandoned life.png
  • Series name: The Secrets of the Abandoned Life

  • Published: February-March 2021

  • Number of Episodes: 3


Many Christians have experienced times or seasons in their lives when they felt like they weren't doing enough, weren't measuring up, or were outright failing at living the Christian life. In The Secrets of the Abandoned Life, we speak to all those who have or are currently going through such a struggle. In this series, Blake guides us through Romans 6-8, the pinnacle passage in the New Testament which exhorts the believer just how, exactly, the Christian should go about living their new life in Christ. It starts with one word: abandon.

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