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Our Story

That You May Know Him was founded in 2021 by Blake Barbera, and knowing his story is an important part of understanding the heart behind our ministry


Blake was raised in a Christian home in California, but his life changed when he came to know the Lord in a deeper way after high school. It was not long before Blake felt called to give his life to the Lord afresh and to follow Him at all costs by living a life of faith and obedience.

Soon thereafter, Blake dropped out of college and spent the better part of a year working in a house church movement in Southern (Andhra Pradesh) and Northwest (Punjab) India. Blake witnessed God work in amazing ways during his time in India, and it was through this experience that Blake learned to trust God for everything in his life. 


When Blake came back to the United States, he felt called to learn a trade and continue working as a house-church planter, so he became a carpenter’s apprentice in Southern California and started a house-church with his good friend, Jesse.

A few years later Blake got re-acquainted with Jesse’s sister, Kristina, and it quickly became clear to both of them that God was leading them to do life together for the rest of their lives. Blake and Kristina were married on August 27th, 2011, the best day of Blake’s life.


Blake never expected that God would call him back to school, let alone to work in “traditional ministry,” but in 2013, that’s exactly what God did. While working full-time as the owner of a handyman business in San Diego and hosting a weekly house church gathering, Blake went back to school full-time and graduated from San Diego Christian College in 2016, along with Kristina. 

The next step in their journey was even crazier, as God led Blake to attend divinity school at Duke University in North Carolina. Less than 2 months after graduating from college, Blake and Kristina sold their business, said goodbye to the amazing faith community they had grown to love so much in San Diego, and headed to North Carolina.


After 2 years of intense schooling, Blake graduated with a Master of Theological Studies from Duke University. Two and half years after that – and after four years of working as a youth ministry director and youth pastor at a local church – Blake felt called to once again start something new. The That You May Know Him Podcast had its inaugural episode in December 2020, and from there, a new ministry was born.

That You May Know Him is an evangelical organization committed to the faithful proclamation of biblical truth. We are committed to, amongst other things, the Lordship of Jesus Christ, the inerrancy of Scripture, and the unity of all those who truly belong to Jesus Christ. Our ministry is focused on making an impact for the Kingdom of God through podcasting, online video production, devotional and book writing, and itinerant teaching, preaching, and evangelism. It is our sincere hope that Christians in the world today, especially those with an abundance of resources, use their time and energy for the furtherance of the Gospel and the advancement of biblical literacy both in the Church and in the world.


Blake and Kristina still live in North Carolina along with their German Shepherd Dog, Louie.

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