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Giving To That You May Know Him

Giving To That You May Know Him

A Partnership With Blake and the That You May Know Him Team:

The two-fold ministry focus of Blake Barbera and That You May Know Him is simple:

To create Gospel-focused, biblically faithful resources and materials so that God's people can know him more fully and love him more deeply. We are currently hard at work producing podcasts, online videos, bible studies, articles, and devotions that illuminate biblical truth and aid in the growth and maturity of God's people.

To make disciples in a local setting. Blake currently sets aside time each week to disciple others. This includes spending one-on-one time with individuals who are growing in their faith and knowledge of Christ, counseling, hosting in-person Bible studies and services where he lives, and most importantly, PRAYING for those with whom he is in community. Blake and his family are currently involved in leading a local house-church congregation in Durham NC. If you are ever in the area, look us up!

To learn more about our funding, why we became a 501c3, and why we do not partner with patron programs, visit our About page.

All donations to That You May Know Him go to covering ministry costs. If you wish to give a love offering specifically to Blake and his family, let us know in the message box!

Blake and Kristina Barbera

We are a faith-based family serving in full-time Christian ministry in Durham, NC. Partnering with our ministry is partnering with us and the work God has called us to do. Throughout our decade + of marriage and ministry, we have seen God provide in miraculous ways. We know that he will continue to do so as we follow him with all of our hearts, wherever he leads, whatever the cost. For those of you who feel led to partner with us in ministry by offering financial support, thank you for investing in the Kingdom of God and the work he has called us to do!

If you would like to receive updates, our prayer requests, or ongoing information about our life and ministry, send us a note:

* That You May Know Him is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. All contributions are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.

You Can Now Donate with Zelle!

Using email address: info@thatyoumayknowhim

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More Donation Options:

Donate by Mail:

That You May Know Him 
P.O Box 12094
Durham, NC 27709

If you prefer to donate directly with PayPal, click the link below:

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