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Secularism, the Church, and the Way Forward

Secularism, the Church, and the Way Forward Cover

“Richard Cox and Blake Barbera have produced a timely and helpful work dealing with an extremely important topic. Based on the wisdom of experience and a close mentoring relationship, they address the important topic of secularism in the church in a way that is accessible without being superficial. As an Old Testament scholar, I especially appreciate their consideration of the Old Testament in addressing issues related to the church, thus ensuring that the ‘whole counsel of God’ is brought to bear on the issue. I recommend this book for anyone who is concerned about the increasing secularism in the church.”

—Peter T. Vogt, Dean, Bethel Seminary

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From the Publisher...

"Secularism, the Church, and the Way Forward is a succinct yet descriptive dialogue between a nonagenarian church leader and a young pastor who are struggling with the reality of the rapidly morphing Western Protestant church. At times debatable, at others provocative, and with insights that induce conviction, the authors challenge, confuse, and enlighten the reader. Combining proven, multidisciplinary models with innovative approaches, the authors inspire a deeper understanding of the complexities surrounding the church's relationship to society. In so doing, they point the church's leaders toward the perilous yet necessary path of rediscovering its identity."

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